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hello, and a warm welcome to our newly launched biotechnology website. What a wonderful sun, what a fresh breath of air from the outside … Spring has reached us very early this year! :-D

This website is dedicated to ligand binding assays of any kind. The binding-assay.com team is aspired to present a collection of all ligand binding assay types currently applied in the drug development process. Explore the exciting world of ligand binding assays like sandwich hybridisation assays, ligation based hybridisation, Real-Time RT-qPCR assay, etc. Yep, this is a (liquid phase) ligand binding assay as well … and its application was recently extended to pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic research of nucleic acid therapeutics like microRNAs or siRNAs.
In the last decade, our team had the opportunity to accumulate huge scientific background in the bioanalytical science of nucleic acid therapeutics. This may be the main reason why we would like to focus more on this investigational new drug class. Certainly we endeavor to provide a nearly complete and comprehensive reflection of all aspects regarding bioanalytical ligand binding assays. However, please forgive us for not bearing all matters in mind. Sometimes it also may occur that you miss some basic knowledge here and there. This is why this ligand binding assay blog is basically for advanced readers.

Please also be patient while this presentation is still under construction. Our team is working hard to complete the missing gaps as soon as possible. We apologize for any inconvenience. You are welcome to post a comment on any topic of this website. You are invited to help us improving this website on bioanalytical ligand binding assays whenever you like. If you do not want to post a comment which might be visible to everybody, you can use our contact form instead.

Always at your service,
Your binding-assay.com team.


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