The Proximity Ligation Assay – Proximal to Ultimative Assay Sensitivity?

yesterday we had the Ascension Day, also called the Father´s Day in Germany, which means all fathers enjoyed the day along with their kids outside under the fantastic blue sky! And that´s what I did, and got a slight sunborn on my nose …
Back in the office this morning I came across the fantastic proximity ligation assay, possibly an even more sensitive alternative to the immuno qPCR assay. Both immunoassays have superior sensitivity in comparison to the classic ELISAs (ancient, I´d better say).

If you review all the ligand binding assays we´ve posted so far, you must admit all innovative therapeutics currently in the Biotech´s pipelines (peptides, antibodies, proteins, siRNAs, microRNAs, miRNAs, etc) can be analyzed with only one device: a Real-Time RT-qPCR system fully compatible to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP). It´s good to see there´s at least one

Enjoy your weekend,
Your team!


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