No RNA Extraction: Real-Time RT-qPCR Works Anyway!

Hi all,
welcome back to our bioanalytical ligand binding assay album for the Biotechnology scene. Today we would like to point you to the outstanding Merck & Co paper collection on siRNA drug development research. The major finding of Wang Z et al (2011), J Pharm Toxicol Methods 63: 174-9 was the observation the stem-loop RT primer technology originally developed by Applied Biosystems for the microRNA (miRNA) and siRNA quantification, can also be utilized to analyze microRNA- (miRNA-) and siRNA-mediated mRNA knockdown. No expensive total RNA extraction from tissues is needed anymore. Additionally, a unique primer set could be designed to quantify target mRNA in liver homogenates from human, monkey, mouse, and rat. Excellent!
Finally, we would like to announce the completion of the Real-Time RT-qPCR Assay site, which summarizes published assay development activities on microRNA and siRNA quantification.
Enjoy the reading, your team.

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