Liquid Phase Assays


Everybody who have been dealing with bioanalytical ligand binding assays for decades (like us) agrees with us that there is a smooth transition between binding assays on solid supports and initial ligand binding events taking place in the liquid phase. For example, the branched DNA sandwich hybridisation assay for transcript quantification was consequently enhanced from single-plex to multi-target quantification mediated by beads. There are even innovative ideas to perform the Real-Time RT-qPCR assay on beads as well, because the degree of multiplexing could be easier increased.

  • Real-Time qPCR assays (RT-qPCR, immuno qPCR) for the universal, ultra-sensitive quantification of investigational new drugs (IND) like nucleic acid therapeutics, and peptides or proteins as well!,
  • Molecular beacon-mediated detection of:
    1. nucleic acid ligands like pathogen genome or transcriptome sequences e.g. for cost-effective malaria detection, 2. protein/peptide ligands to monitor its (enzymatic) activity, Continue Reading ?
  • Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL) Endotoxin Detection Assay, and the more popular recombinant factor C (rFC) endotoxin detection assay, Continue Reading ?

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