Real-Time RT-qPCR

3. One Quick Word to siRNA-Mediated Liver mRNA Knockdown Duration.

Merck & Co scientists (see Ref. 7, Figure 3) illustrated a long-lasting Ssb mRNA knockdown in mouse liver even 28 days after a single 3.6 mpk I.V. injection of lipoplexed siRNA.
Alnylam scientist published quite similar data at the same time (see Ref. 8, Figure 7). Factor VII mRNA knockdown duration in rat liver after single 0.25 mpk I.V. injection of lipoplexed siRNA was for 10 days.
MDRNA Inc. (now known as Marina Biotech Inc.) reported almost identical Factor VII mRNA knockdown data in combination with their DiLA2 delivery system on the BIO International Conference 2010, with a single 1.0 mpk I.V. dose to mice was effective for 21 days (16). Marina reported similar for the ApoB target mRNA, which is predominantely expressed in hepatocytes.
Mirus Bio Corp. scientists (see Ref. 14, Figure 6; now a Pfizer subsidiary) were able to show a 7-days effect on ApoB mRNA knockdown in the mouse liver after a single 1.25 mpk I.V. injection of lipoplexed siRNA, but three years before their competitors.

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